donderdag 25 augustus 2011

Ronsombeux, a memorable nice evening.

Friday the 29th of July, a few crazy speleos had the idea to go caving at this beautiful summer evening. We were seven: Arun, Ewa, Renaud, Sam, Bjorn, Leila and Jozefien. The creators of this event picked the Ronsombeux, a cave in the area of Villers- Sainte-Gertude (Durbuy).

We meet at the church of Villers-Sainte-Gertrude around 19.30u. After driving to the river (closest to the cave) and organizing ourself Sam and Renaud who were ready the first, did go first to hang the ropes. We knew we would have to search for the entrance but we were confident to find it. After we checked if Leila was put into her belt properly (it was her first roped cave) we took off to find the cave.

The area around the cave entrance was occupied by a lot of scouts people at camp. We went through the forest through high vegetation, we even crossed some barb wire.

After enjoying our time, after some struggle, some sweat later, we joined the cars. Sam remembered the first cave he went into, the Trou Eugene, was close to the place we were. Since we have been warmed up by our previous adventure but still have energy to spend, we agreed on having a look on it. It added some spice to an already memorable evening.

After we had a drink and went back home."