dinsdag 4 januari 2011

The Adventures of Wallace in "de Bernard"

Many a cave in our beloved country, but apparently none as mythical as "de Bernard", at least for those of us who have not had the luck to explore it. Apparently it's a tough cave, you need to know your rope techniques, and it is the deepest one in Belgium. But most of all, despite multiple efforts, it is tricky to plan a visit to this elusive cave. Yes, yes, we HAVE tried. Twice in recent weeks have we tried to go, and twice were denied by bad (snowy) weather. It makes a caver weary...
But if we can't go there for real, we can go in our imagination....how about me being transformed into a plasticine caver, ready to tackle the depths of "de Bernard", Wallace-and-Grommit-style. An appropriate birthday gift from my family, eh? :-)

So don't tell me I haven't been to the Bernard! Sure I have, and to top it off, I was really, really, really elastic...


3 opmerkingen:

Björn zei


als je het popje nog hebt kan zo wel heel snel veel dieptepunten beleven ;-)

tof kado,


Johan zei

Being an elastic plasticine caver gives you great opportunities to explore tight squeezes....

Marjan zei

Lol :-)