zaterdag 25 februari 2017

Vietnam 2017: Cave photo's

Hello friends

After a very bussy speleo and survey time a new blogpost. This time a photoblog, the theme is of course caves.

At the entrance

The entrance of a cave is a place where the enclosed area of the cave meets the outside air, light and world.This gives some nice effects.

The entrance to the "Sarista Tourist Cave" In the front the helpfull local
who showed the entrance to the cave.
The village kids in pursuit. This small cave was a refuge during war time .
This entrance (seen from the inside) leqds to a 209 m deep cave which is noted in the top 20 deepest Spekul Vietnam expeditions.
(Surveyed by Tuan, Sara en Ewoud)

The entrance to our first cave in Vietnam
This picture is taken at the bottom of a huge collapsed room which is discussed in more
detail in the previous post

If caves decide that horizontal is to mainstream and throw a pit at us we might need some rope. The following photo's picture some of the used equipment.

Ewoud shows the equipment in a"small" cave which continued in a quite long meander.
length currently explored: 727m
Depth currently explored: 176m

Heide prepares a spit to rig ropes in that same long cave.
In together, out together.

Tuan and Ewoud
Sara offers Ewoud his drinking water

Sara and Lieven surveying
the team at the end of the cave
 Andere mooie grotbeelden

Water forms caves, this photograph shows a nice pool with some nice speleothems.

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