vrijdag 30 maart 2007

Welcome to the (unauthorized) Spekul blog

Welcome to the (unauthorized) Spekul blog.

Who can contribute?
Anyone associated with Spekul. It's really easy to add posts to the blog, just ask Will if you want access. You will need your own Google account (takes seconds to create).

Why 'unauthorized'?
It's a Cover Your Ass disclaimer: This is not an official Spekul news source, so it doesn't represent the views of Spekul vzw or the Spekul committee.

What can we post?
Anything Spekul or caving related that other Spekulozen will find interesting. The committee will automatically receive an email copy of your article. Remember that the blog is public so it shouldn't be used to discuss world-domination plans or anything else likely to damage the immaculate image of Spekul ;-)

What's the difference between the blog and the Spekul website?
The website is the official face of Spekul on the internet. The Spekul committee supervises the content. The website will evolve with time but it won't change rapidly.
The blog on the other hand is not official, any member can post, and it's for things which are more time-specific (announcements of events, photos, social stuff etc).

Why is everything in English?
The main page of the website is in English because most of our internet visitors are non-Dutch speaking. And Will is better at writing English than Dutch :-) It would be great if somebody translates it. This blog is for current members, so I expect people will post mostly in Dutch.

What happened to the old Spekul website?
It's still at it's old address at the University of Leuven. Lots of people find our site by searching for "pompiersteek", "gouffre berger", "lebanon caves", "vietnam caves", "cave vietnam". We will leave the expedition reports there, but it would be great if somebody updated them.

Why are we using Google for everything?
We are using Google for this blog and also to host the Spekul website because they offer an incredibly simple system for publishing on the internet. Very little technical knowledge is required to run a professional looking site. It's also free! In the very unlikely event that Google starts charging a fortune then we can simply copy and paste the text into another system and then change spekul.be to point somewhere else.

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