woensdag 8 december 2010

Spelunking – Explore the Caves, Explore Yourself

My familiarity with the word 'Spelunking' was recent (thanks to Batman Begins!!), nevertheless I felt a strong connection with it (Love at first sight?!?!). It was my dream to explore at least a cave and today that dream has come true, thanks to SPEKUL.

Of course, I sucked as expected in my first attempt. I had to be talked (to motivate), pulled and pushed through narrow and wet slopes. Nevertheless, it gave me an opportunity to know, what is spelunking? And it has certainly helped me to confront my fears of height and darkness.

St. Anne might be considered as the easiest cave in the country nevertheless it has its own set of challenges and associated treasures – a bustling mountain stream, a wet ‘letter box’ and a crystal room to make the trip worthwhile.

Be it the hour long car travel or the time spent in the cave, I enjoyed a lot. Of course, special thanks goes to Josephine (who narrated many interesting facts about Belgium, Flanders and its people..and took care of me as a school kid in the cave J), Hans and Bran (for all their foot, hand and back supports..did I missed anything? ;)) who made my first trip memorable. As Hans joked while driving back…Now I can say, I know Belgium inside out ;)

So when is the next trip??, I am ready with my spelunking gear ;)


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Hans M zei

Thanks for the great blog, Arun! I think all four of us really had a fun and memorable day, so let's go spelunking again one day soon!

Unknown zei

Ha, a very nice article! :) I enjoyed it too that day. I hope many caves will folow...